Mr. Signor was a renowned gelato creator, who started a small gelato shop in the portico of the family house near Venice, Italy in the summer of 1932. He was a conscientious gelato master who believed making gelato is an art instead of a skill. He persisted to select the freshest ingredients and strictly followed home-making methods.

Now the great grandsons, Mr. Diego Signor and Mr. Daniele Signor, the inheritors of the family tradition have decided to work with Mr. David Woo, a Hong Kong pronounced businessman, to introduce the genuine flavor of, may be the best Artisian Gelato, and a commitment to sustain the tradition for freshness of their products in Greater China --- A FRESH PROMISE.

The Signor family has established Signor (HK) Ltd, “鲜诺意品(香港)有限公司“, a joint venture in Hong Kong and China with the David Woo Group, with the objective to launch the shop chain in 2017.





What is Fresh Promise?

To ensure our product is fresh every day, A FRESH PROMISE, we shall manufacture our base paste from all natural ingredients such as milk, eggs and all raw materials such as vanilla, cocoa and fresh fruits in Italy and then ship by air to Shanghai. Signor Gelato will be free from additives and preservatives, using less fat and thus healthier than others.

Signor Gelato will produce our Gelato every day, in every shop, with fresh ingredients. The same way Signor does in Italy. The only procedure at our kitchen each day is to blend air into the product base to ensure our freshness, A FRESH PROMISE.

Our base paste is made from Signor’s family special recipe and modified to suit the contemporary trends. Our laboratory will test samples of our gelato daily to ensure that our product quality meets the required standards of the relevant Chinese authorities.

In our Signor shops, we will also sell typical Italian cafeteria products, such as espresso, macchiato (with a little of milk), cappuccino, latte macchiato (milk and coffee), coffee with whipped cream, coffee with whipped cream and chocolate or caramel sauce, hot chocolate, hot chocolate with whipped cream, espresso with vanilla gelato, espresso with chocolate gelato, shake coffee and other delicious drinks.




Our Mission

To bring the traditional quality Italian gelato enjoyment to China with a fresh promise.





Our Business Plan

We shall launch our first shop soon in 2017, and then 5 to 10 more shops in the Shanghai city within a year's time.

Our plan is to open over 150 shops in 3 years' time in all major cities of Greater China.










Our Team


Mr David Woo (Chairman) 

His father Mr. Woo Hon Fai, pioneered the ice cream industry when he founded FINLAND KOLA ICE CREAM in Hong Kong in the mid-50s. David also assisted his father at LEE CHEONG GOLD DEALER LTD. with the gold business in the 70s, as Head of international division. David has rich experience in franchise operation in the catering industry. He founded several Cantonese and European restaurants and a classy 53-shop bakery chain AROME in Hong Kong. He has been Vice Chairman of YALONG BAY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD, a well-known resort in Hainan PRC.


Daniele Signor (Director) 

He was born in 1974 in Italy and obtained his Bachelor Degree in Economics in 1998. He worked for Zarpellon starting as a QC manager in 2000, Business Manager for overseas market in 2005, and become the Company Director since 2008. Zarpellon is the leading company in dairy products in Italy.


Diego Signor (Director) 

He is the chef and key gelato maker of the Signor shop in Venice.  His family has been in the catering industry generation after generation.  To foster and glorify his family heritage, Mr Diego Signor is determined to expand the family business overseas and share the traditional and quality Signor gelato with China.


Mr. Kaymond Chow (Director) 

Mr Chow obtained his Bachelor Degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and MBA Marketing in the U.K. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the equipment industry in Asia, encompassing the different scopes of food packaging and plastic consumer products. In 2016, he finished course of Certification of Human Resources Management by HKFTU.


Mr Kenson Kam (CEO) 

Mr Kam obtained his Bachelor and MBA degree in HK and has held senior positions in the banking and finance field for over 15 years. Before joining Signor, he was General Manager of a multi-national corporation, overseeing the policy execution, business development, finance and production of its Greater China operations. 


Mr John Thomason (Production Consultant) 

Mr Thomason has over 30 years’ experience in the ice-cream industry. He worked for Dreyer’s Ice Cream for over 20 years, being their VP of the Production, and overseeing all production-related business.


Ms Garbo Lee (Consultant)

Ms. Lee is a senior marketing and advertising veteran from Hong Kong. Since the 90s, she had held many key executive positions in top-notched advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, Bates, DDB and SonyBMG Music in PRC and HK. In 2007, she joined TigerMedia, a NYSE listed company as Chief Marketing Officer. Starting 2015, Ms Lee engages in her own investment and consultant projects.

Ms. Lee joins the Signor team as Consultant to oversee its marketing programs.



Our Target Customers

The Young and Trendy: They are westernized and are receptive to new things. They often use internet to follow global trends. They have good disposable income and willing to try new things. They are concerned with being the trendsetters.

The Quality Pursuers: They are worldly and concerned with the quality of life. They take good care of themselves and their families. They do not worry about paying a bit more for better quality products.











Our contact:

Signor (HK) Ltd  

3013, Tower One, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Tel: 852-28971170

Fax: 852-25950280

Email: info@signorgelato.com

Coming soon in 2017